Life is a Chemical



We can think what we want, but really, life is a chemical. We can't change a person, but we can change their chemistry. We can change a person's chemistry by feeding them, making them laugh, making them happy, making them sad, feeding them alcohol, making them feel good about themselves.


Every emotion causes a chemical. Happiness, sadness, fear, worry, guilt, ambition, anger, joy, pleasure and pain. All 3600 emotions cause 3600 chemical combinations. (Candice Pert, Molecules of Emotion is a good reference) ?? So you can see, that what we eat is only a part of the story of health.


Love is not the only glue essential for a sacred relationship to survive the test of time. If you are not doing the work you love, then your relationship will suffer. Your work is vital to your sense of future, your energy, your vitality.